Super Maths

Our maths set have been busy thinking about our number bonds to 10 and 20. We’ve also been looking at 2-digit numbers and comparing them.


Colour Mixing

In art Year 2 are busy learning the skill of colour mixing. We are challenging ourselves to make as many different shades of colours as we can.

Settling in…

Year 2 have settled in fantastically. 

We loved exploring habitats in science week. We explored the school grounds finding ants, worms, woodlouses, newts and DINOSAUR EGGS!

We discussed why animals live in certain areas, and where we think dinosaurs might have lived linked to our topic ‘Would a dinosaur make a good pet?’  

We are loving Year 2! 


PANTS Awareness

Today the children learned about being safe with their bodies. The Pantosaurus taught them all a song about pants and keeping private parts private. Oh, and we designed our own pants too!  


Butterflies go fluttering by. 

To conclude our ‘Flowers and Insects’ topic we released butterflies in the school’s secret garden. The butterflies started off their life as caterpillars and we watched them change and grow. They taught us about life cycles of animals as well as how truly amazing nature is. We were sad to see them go but we were happy they were free.