Local walk

Today Year 2 enjoyed a walk around our local area. We looked for lots of different habitats and tried to spot some creatures and birds. we also spotted some squirrels and a gorgeous robin. It was a lovely way to end our topic and all of the children were beautifully behaved. Well done Year 2!

Getting to know France

Our host country in Year 2 is France. We started our session by sharing any information which we already knew about France and then went on to locate it on a map. We learnt how to say some words in French and found out some new information. It was fun painting and collaging our own French flags! There are lots of things that we want to find out about France this year.

Goodbye and Good Luck

Just a message to say;

We have loved teaching you this year, we will miss you, and through a tricky year you have all been stars in our eyes 🤩

Please come and say hello in September, have an amazing summer!

Love from Mrs Copping, Mrs Mackie, Mr Bramley, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Andrews.

Sports Day Fun

All the children were fantastic today especially in the heat! All children enjoyed a carousel of activities and then joined in a sack race and a running race to finish, if they wished to do so. We then cooled down in the shade with an ice pop. Great job everyone!