Boat Fun!

Today we introduced our new topic ‘Why did the Titanic sink?’.  We have been exploring floating and sinking and were asked to design and make a boat that would float.  We worked in groups to design our boats thinking carefully about the different materials that we would use and the reasons we were choosing them.  Next it was time to make our boats using a range of recycled materials.  After that, we made our predictions for each boat – would it sink or float? Next came the testing part where we found out if we had made a boat that would float!  Finally, we evaluated our designs and our friends’ designs thinking about how they could be improved next time. We have had a great day starting our new unit of work! 

Year 2 Stover Trip

This week, Year 2 went on a school trip to Stover Country Park! We had a great day led by two of the park rangers. We walked around Stover and completed activities all about plants and habitats which links to our current LCC topic. We identified different plants, how they grow and what types of animals and creatures might live nearby. We had a great day and want to say a big thank you to the rangers at Stover for having us!

Coronation Celebrations in Year 2!

Year 2 have had a fantastic day celebrating The King’s Coronation. We have been doing lots of lovely activities including a Drama session all about the Coronation, some lovely colouring and crafting activities, watching Paddington Bear, and ending the afternoon with singing the National Anthem and celebrating with some delicious cake made by the kitchen staff with Year 1! We have had a very busy but super fun day.

Mindful Tasting!

Over the past few months, Year 2 have been learning all about being mindful using our 5 senses. In our Mind Up lesson this week, we practiced mindful tasting. We had to hold a piece of fruit in our hands, thinking about how it looks and how it smells. We then put the piece of fruit in our mouths, trying not to bite! We had to think about the taste, texture and sensations we were experiencing. We then discussed how this is different to how we normally eat, and how paying attention to our mindful eating helps us to enjoy food more and recognise when we are full.

Year 2 Lego Bridges!

This week we celebrated science week. On Tuesday, we were able to go to a Lego workshop all about building bridges and making connections! We worked as teams and had lots of different challenges including making the longest and shortest bridge we could, and making a bridge tall enough for a boat to fit under! We had a great time and want to say thank you to Julian who ran the workshop for his time! We had a fantastic morning.

World Book Day Fun!

Today, we celebrated World Book Day. We all came to school dressed up as our favourite book characters or in our comfy pyjamas. We read lots of different books, wrote our own book reviews and shared our favourite stories with some Year 4 children who came to read with us. We had a great day!

Year 2 Safari!

This week, Year 2 went on an African Safari… in the classroom! This was to introduce our new LCC Geography topic which is all about Africa. Miss Winsborrow and Mr Bramley were our Safari tour guides and we all got given a special Safari ticket. We watched a video of all of the animals at Longleat Safari Park and we learned some amazing facts about African animals!

Number Day in Year 2!

Today we have been celebrating Number Day to raise money for the NSPCC. We brought in coins to try and fill the hopscotch grid! We have been doing lots of exciting maths activities including running our own shops with money! Lots of our Number outfits have been fantastic! Well done Year 2.

Super Scientists and Designers!

Today Year 2 have planned and carried out a science experiment. We worked together to make sure it was a fair test and our question was: Which house will be the strongest? We worked in mixed ability teams to design and choose our materials to build and create a house that was as strong, sturdy and solid as we could. We didn’t have a big bad wolf so we used a hair dryer to test the strength of our houses. We observed carefully, gathered results as a class and wrote a group conclusion. Well done Year 2!

Designing A Palace For King Charles III!

This week in maths, we received a letter from Buckingham Palace! King Charles III wanted the year 2 children to design a new palace for Him using a range of 2D and 3D shapes. We worked together in teams to build the palaces, and then we labelled the shapes we had used! We hope the King enjoys our designs!